Tripolism: “We Want To Put a Smile On People’s Faces”

Emerging as one of Copenhagen’s most captivating electronic acts, Tripolism has quickly carved out a niche in the scene with its unique blend of house, disco, and techno, characterized by its trademark vocals and eternal good vibes. In 2023, Tripolism signed with dance powerhouse Ultra Records and their unforgettable debut single, “Dope Dance” became one of the scene’s biggest hits of the year – arguably the standout track. Absolute Dope’ is not just an album; it’s a bold step forward in Tripolism’s career and one that brands them as pioneers in their field. Presenting a sound palette that’s both warmly familiar and yet richly progressive–and equally worthy of festival mainstages, radio listening, and intimate club spaces alike–this inaugural LP serves as an unapologetic deep dive into Tripolism’s musical nuances and technical flair; an emphatic declaration of their arrival onto the global stage. Tripolism–Absolute Dope is out now via Ultra Records.

Source: Press Kit Tripolism

Interview with Tripolism:

How did the three of you come together to form Tripolism, and what made you decide to start this project?

FRED: We were all part of the Copenhagen DJ scene around 2010, where we met and formed a friendship. Actually, Rasmus and I booked Brynjar to play in our hometown, where we threw some parties a long time ago.

BRYN: In the summer of 2019, Frederik and Rasmus called me and said something like, “It’s now or never! Let’s do something together! Ibiza in five years!”

RAS: Actually, we called Brynjar to help us make our own music. We knew he was a studio wiz and had a promising music career, but he had turned to the dark side and was now living the sweet life as a real estate agent.

FRED: After just two or three sessions in the studio, everything just made sense. He wasn’t just going to help us produce; we had to do something together.

BRYN: And Tripolism was born! Then came COVID – pretty good timing for us, I guess – and we’ve been working hard ever since!

RAS: And look at us now. Five years later. Ibiza FIVE TIMES this summer! <3

As a Danish trio, how do you think your cultural background influences your music?

BRYN: Hm… How much time do we have? My first encounter with electronic music was when my grandparents brought me CD compilations with hits from Ibiza, where ‘Greece 2000’ was one of the bangers.

FRED: We’ve listened to so much different music that has shaped us – techno, house, jazz, hip hop, classical, indie. I LIKE EVERYTHING!

RAS: I think a lot of our love for electronic music comes from Germany and German techno culture, although it’s maybe not our sound today. But I’m fueled by endless Berlin trips throughout my 20s. Trentemøller was the guy that drew me to electronic music. I also weirdly enough loved Jean-Michel Jarre as a child – I remember him playing at some strange laser windmill show in Denmark.

FRED: We love music. And I love listening to it. Almost all genres have something to offer in terms of inspiration. When we’re making music, we’re trying to create something that will still be cool in 10 years. Sometimes we feel like we hit it; other times we don’t.

Your debut album is titled ‘Absolute Dope.’ What inspired this name?

BRYN: This is a hat tip to the legendary ‘Absolute’ record compilation. They had the mainstream ‘Absolute Music,’ but the real god was ‘Absolute Dance.’

FRED: That first compilation… Pure 90’s gold. Cut’N’Move, Snap, Dr. Alban.

RAS: After our success with ‘Dope Dance,’ we thought this name was perfect. It’s a vibe. We don’t take ourselves too seriously. Just have a dope time! Absolutely.

Source: Press Kit Tripolism

Which song on the album holds the most significance for each of you and why?

RAS: ‘Dope Dance.’ No doubt.

FRED: It’s a movement. It’s made with two of our best friends also – Radeckt and Nandu.

BRYN: I think this track will stand out for a long time. A quirky jam in our TINY studio turned into something we couldn’t control. The ‘Dope Dance’ era just began!

How do you divide the roles and responsibilities within the group? Does each of you have specific strengths you bring to the table?

FRED: We kinda run this Tripolism thing like a little company. We are three guys with a lot of different talents.

BRYN: A marketing specialist, a journalist, and a real estate agent. Want a house? We got you covered!

RAS: We are good at helping each other out, sharing the responsibility, and covering for each other.

FRED: And then we found our real strength working together: grabbing the microphone and singing together. It’s really something no one can copy.

What message or feeling do you hope listeners take away from ‘Absolute Dope’?

FRED: In everything we do together as Tripolism, we try to have a good time. Being nice to people. Spreading good vibes.

BRYN: We want this to literally radiate out from this album. We had fun making it. We want people to have fun listening to it. Or at least to have a good time. It’s also okay to be serious. We are too…

RAS: We want to put a smile on people’s faces, that’s for sure. Techno people in black clothing can smile too!!!!

Are there any plans for a tour or live performance to promote the album? If so, what can fans expect from your live shows?

RAS: We are doing a heavy summer tour all around Europe and the Middle East – come thru

FRED: We are looking so much forward to bringing these tracks from the studios to the dance floors.

BRYN: Expect eternal good vibes and our happy, sunburned faces smiling at you!

Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations we should look out for?

BRYN: We have two collaborations that we cannot wait to share with you.

RAS: Let’s just say this will be a Turkish summer!

FRED: We love the Turkish scene for electronic music and our debut gig in Istanbul at Klein Phönix was a night to remember. We have been very lucky to team up with our two favorite artists from this lovely country.

RAS: Move on, friends… Groove on… That’s all we can say for now.

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