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    LoudLife comprises a collective of passionate individuals, including DJs, producers, reporters, and video makers, who are dedicated to electronic dance music. Their extensive content encompasses event coverage, festival highlights, news reporting, music reviews, and is disseminated across various social media and multimedia platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Facebook, Soundcloud, Tik Tok, and Instagram. Additionally, the brand actively engages in organizing global events and provides consultancy and management services for diverse artists.

    Matus Andreja

    Founder & Designer

    Michaela Matugova

    Co-Founder, DJ & Marketing

    Daniel Kovacik

    DJ & Editor

    Andrej Tylka

    DJ & Editor

    Jakub Wolf

    DJ & Editor

    Veronika Blazkova

    Reporter & Editor

    Ondrej Beranek

    DJ & Editor

    Nicole Lehotska

    Writer & Editor

    Ondrej Martinek

    DJ & Reporter