Techno Titans Lilly Palmer and Alan Fitzpatrick Join Forces on Hot New Track “Endless Nights”

German electronic music star Lilly Palmer unites with legendary UK DJ and producer Alan Fitzpatrick in the much-anticipated collaboration ‘Endless Nights’. The track, out today on Armada Music and Kontor Records, is a brilliant new addition to Lilly Palmer’s groundbreaking releases with her new home labels since the start of their new collaboration earlier this year. ‘Endless Nights’ is a force to be reckoned with on the dancefloor, combining Lilly Palmer and Alan Fitzpatrick’s powerful sound and production prowess into what promises to be the biggest techno release of this summer. 

Lilly Palmer, Alan Fitzpatrick - Endless Nights

‘Endless Nights’ is a clash of titans, bringing in Lilly Palmer’s hypnotic and powerful style with Alan Fitzpatrick’s darker and relentless beats. Staying true to their roots while pushing the boundaries of their sound, Palmer and Fitzpatrick craft a pulsating rhythm with action-packed beats, transporting listeners to an underground realm where innovation meets thrill. With their signature touch, Lilly Palmer and Alan Fitzpatrick deliver a powerful blend of deep grooves and futuristic soundscapes transcending the listener to a different world. ‘Endless Nights’ invites audiences to surrender to the music with its electrifying energy. When the fresh wave of new school techno collides with a seasoned pioneer, the result is bound to be explosive, revealing the undeniable synergy Lilly Palmer and Alan Fitzpatrick share through their music.

Listen Endless Nights by Lilly Palmer and Alan Fitzpatrick

‘Endless Nights’ is a techno banger of the highest order, combining both Lilly Palmer’s driving sound with her own enchanting vocals and Alan Fitzpatrick’s style in perfect harmony, delivering boundless energy and ferocity. This brooding festival anthem is meant to be enjoyed out loud, giving listeners the perfect fuel to keep moving until the brink of dawn.

Lilly Palmer
Lilly Palmer (Source: Press Kit)

About Lilly Palmer

Born and raised in Germany, Lilly’s real musical journey started in Zurich, where she spent a lot of time with the great and thriving underground scene. Her dedication to music grew stronger and stronger, eventually leading to the decision to fully immerse herself in the world of the underground in 2017. Lilly Palmer’s sound and style have evolved to new dimensions. Her versatility and savvy definitely brought her sound to higher spheres and peak-time Techno has become her signature sound. With authenticity and focus being two of her most prized attributes, she spends almost every free minute working full steam ahead in the studio developing and refining her sound.

Alan Fitzpatrick
Alan Fitzpatrick (Source: Press Kit)

About Alan Fitzpatrick

Southampton-born techno legend Alan Fitzpatrick has spent his career carving out a niche in the underground electronic world. A headliner at Berghain and a hitmaker on BBC Radio 1, Fitzpatrick stands as one of the most popular and influential techno DJs globally, and the preeminent UK techno artist. Over a decade, he has mingled with top tastemakers like Carl Cox, Adam Beyer, Lilly Palmer, and Reinier Zonneveld. Known for his raw, hard-edged sound, Fitzpatrick is a versatile producer, equally adept at creating techno bangers, disco-infused house anthems, and experimental electronica under his 3STRANGE alias. He runs the trailblazing label ‘We Are The Brave,’ a beacon for forward-thinking techno, and hosts groundbreaking WATB events at major venues. In 2024, Fitzpatrick continues to rise with upcoming collaborations and releases on prominent labels like Cocoon, Drumcode, Filth On Acid, Armada, and his own WATB imprint.

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