Paul Oakenfold: “DJing at Mount Everest Was A Self-Achievement Like No Other.” 

Paul Oakenfold, a legend in electronic music, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of his influential dance music label, Perfecto Records. Expect a year of special releases, remixes, collaborations, and live events to celebrate the milestone!

Paul Oakenfold
Source: Paul Oakenfold Press Kit

Interview with Paul Oakenfold:

Congrats on the 30th anniversary of your label Perfecto Records! I heard it will be an exciting year full of special releases, remixes, collaborations, and live events. Can you share more about it? And what fans can expect throughout the year?

It’s a really exciting period celebrating one of Britain’s biggest dance labels, with over 10 million records sold. Looking forward to some great collaborations and wonderful events. 

For the first time you’ve made a song together with Carl Cox! What draws you to collaborate with a legend to create “Concentrate“ and what was the creative process like working alongside Carl Cox?

Carl Cox has been a pioneer of electronic music for many many years. He’s been signed to the record company for many years, and it was an obvious choice to start a collaboration with Carl. 

Throughout your career, you’ve been an important figure in electronic music, helping to shape its evolution. How do you perceive the changes in the electronic music scene from when you started to now?

Change has always been an important part of the music industry. It’s how we stay ahead in this genre. There are some great young producers coming through, and wonderful talent, but in all honesty, there are too many DJs (everyone wants to be a DJ nowadays).

Over the years, you’ve witnessed the rise of digital streaming and social media. How have these platforms influenced the way you produce music and engage with your audience?

They have become a very important part of the music industry. I don’t necessarily like it or agree with it, but it is what it is. The platforms dominate the music. 

You’ve performed at some of the most iconic venues and events worldwide. Which performance holds a special place in your heart, and why?

I’ve been lucky enough to DJ at the Great Wall of China, the Special Olympic Games in Abu Dhabi, Stonehenge, Area 51, and Madison Square Garden, and my favorite was definitely DJing at Mt. Everest because it was a self-achievement like no other. 

Finally, looking towards the future, what goals do you have for yourself, both personally and professionally?

I look forward to working and collaborating with other artists and celebrating what Perfecto has achieved. 

Paul Oakenfold Mount Everest
Paul Oakenfold at Mount Everest Base Camp

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