New Research Reveals That House Music is the UK’s Most Popular Club Genre.

A recent study conducted by A2D2 has unveiled that house music is the prevailing club genre in the UK. Through an analysis of event data from 2024, it was discovered that house music dominated with a staggering 2,203 music events across nine out of the 16 major cities in the UK. These cities include London, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Liverpool, Cardiff, and Edinburgh.

House Music
Source: Printworks London facebook page

Interestingly, the research also highlighted that techno claimed the title of the most popular genre in Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow, and Aberdeen, accumulating a total of 1,375 events in 2024. This positioned techno as the second most popular genre overall. In Sheffield, jazz emerged as the second most favored genre.

House Music AD2D
The top 5 most popular club music genres by UK city (Source:

The study further revealed that Birmingham exhibited the most diverse taste in club music, with drum & bass reigning as the top-rated genre, followed by Afrobeats and grime. On the other hand, the city of Dundee held disco in the highest regard.

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