Discover How the New Year’s Eve at Pacha Ibiza With Music On Looked Like.

Music On is a brand created by artist & DJ Marco Carola. Made in Naples, Italy, Music On proposes the creation of a cutting-edge club sound, along with unique events across the world. In 2011, Marco Carola felt the need to expand his musical realm and create a home for up and coming, talented and inspired artists. The only requirement is good quality music, which is the standard for everything Marco Carola puts his stamps on.

Music On saw the light in Ibiza back in 2012 as the way for Marco to share his vision of techno amongst friends and devotees. He thrives on parties that go from day to night and from night to day.

Ibizan seasons may officially run from April to mid-October, but the island’s vibrant spirit extends beyond. A must-not-miss tradition is the New Year’s Eve music party at Pacha, featuring the masterful beats of Marco Carola. This event adds an extra dash of excitement, ensuring that the celebration of music on the island continues, even beyond the traditional summer months.

As the chosen headliners for this New Year’s Eve celebration, Andrea Oliva and the charismatic Chelina Manuhutu promise to elevate the festivities with their electrifying performances.

At Music On, the atmosphere has consistently been electrifying, and once again, Marco Carola has succeeded in creating a unique experience for all visitors to the winter Ibiza scene. The pulsating energy and carefully curated soundscape make Music On a standout event, ensuring that Marco Carola’s touch transforms the winter Ibiza nights into an unforgettable and vibrant celebration for all attendees.

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