MOGUAI: I Believe Strong Records Can Spread The Message Better Than Social Media.

Hello, André how are you? The last time we saw each other was at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2022. Last year I missed it, how it was?

Like always, but its fun, meeting people from all around the world. It is the biggest coming together at the dance scene. Before it was the Miami Winter Music Conference and now everything switched to ADE, so it is good to be there

We are at the beginning of 2024 did you set up any New Year’s resolutions?

I was just being more true to my sound, going more with my God. I have been doing it for a long time right now and I switched styles over the years many times and now I am going back to my techno roots and also to my punks roots, and more indie stuff, tech house. Yeah going with my God, having fun, enjoying, DJ life, producing, etc.

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You’ve got a lot of gigs ahead! Tonight you are playing at the famous Roxy in the center of Prague, how are you looking forward to it?

For me tonight is very special, Roxy is Prague for me, it is the most well-known venue and I am happy to be played there at the early beginning of this new year, tonight is going to be a great night. It’s a great club it’s a rave castle.

As a legend in the industry, what advice would you give newcomers, who are just starting?

Never accept NO! Everyone, who has been on the scene a long time would give the advice to stick to your sound, do what you love, do what you’re up for and what’s real, and not try to be whatever like the next superstar because it is hot right now and next week it’s not hot again. It’s very important to find your own home, where you feel comfortable.

With the rise of streaming services and social media, how do you engage with your fans and build a community around you?

I do what I wanna do to tell the story and tell people what I am up for. But I am not the biggest fan of telling everything just for likes and comments. I am more focused on producing, doing radio shows, playing live shows, etc. I still believe in strong records that spread the message of what I am more up for than pushing social media. But some artists and I respect that became big through that without any records. They doing the right social media strategy which is not my path.

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If we look back to the 90s you were one of the first techno DJs on the scene and Your sound has changed, moving from techno to tech-house, progressive house, and electro-house. What has driven these changes in your musical style?

When you do techno, you only do techno. I was sometimes bored of only playing one style. I also love to play big records of what people want to hear. I like different styles, of listening and playing but they have to be played in a nice music story and this is what I am always doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s Roxy, or underground or festival, I am showing new styles and new ways of interpreting and playing music and that’s what I like about it. It’s like fashion, most people don’t wear what they wore 15 years ago. You changed, sometimes you like black, sometimes white or yellow and it’s the same with music.

Can you share any details about upcoming projects or directions you’re excited to explore in your future work?

It’s coming a lot! I am very happy I have signed the record to Sonny Fodderas label. It’s coming out in March and I did a record for Tomorrowland Records and yesterday they announced the lineup. I do play both weekends, I have never played both so I am very happy about that. I have a record with Roland Clark Illusionize, another one with Vintage Culture and I have been working on the track with David Guetta for a long time. Lot of records I am excited.

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Veronika Blažková
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