MDLBEAST Unveils New Music Publishing Arm to Empower Songwriters, Producers, and Artists

MDLBEAST, the leading Saudi music entertainment company, has launched its music publishing arm, “MDLBEAST Publishing,” to support songwriters, producers, and artists in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and North Africa region. 

mdlbeast publishing
MDLBEAST Publishing (Source: Press Release)

Talal Albahiti, COO and Head of Music said, ” We are delighted to launch a pioneering and unique model in the music publishing sector in the Kingdom and across the MENA region.  With the recent launch of MDLBEAST FM Radio, our music brand partnerships team, and the recording studios at Beast House in Jax, we can now provide a comprehensive range of services to meet the commercial development needs of the creative community, artists, music producers, and songwriters.”

Albahiti added that MDLBEAST’s music publishing arm will address key challenges associated with music broadcast and performance by working closely with local, regional, and global music rights organizations, particularly in terms of protecting intellectual and financial rights for creators. The new arm will help creators to access services that enable development, creativity, and production.

Talal Albahiti – COO and Head of Music

MDLBEAST Publishing will be working with Sentric, to provide global support beyond the MENA region and administrative services for registering authors’ works on the global network ensuring full representation of authors’ rights.

The strategic partnership with Sentric will ensure that creators are represented globally and across all mediums and receive their rightful earnings through royalties for reproduction, printing, performance, and broadcasting rights in an efficient and timely manner. Additionally, it will enable our artists to register their live performances and be compensated accordingly from their international bookings and performances. 

MDLBeast Festival in Jeddah (Source: MDLBeast facebook page)


The evolution of MDLBEAST Publishing will support the ongoing work taking place within MDLBEAST in seeking out new and innovative ways to commercially develop the catalog.  With over 300 Master rights and a similar number fully managed for 

Publishing, the company represents a large portion of its back catalog on both publishing and master rights, placing the company as a leader in the Saudi market, and in a healthy position in the growing demand globally for authentic Arabic music in the market for music synchronization. 

MDLBEAST has already achieved sync placements with high-profile networks and partners such as Netflix, Spotify, and MBC and is excited to present its eclectic catalog to the global network of music supervisors. Bending genres and bridging cultures, the catalog expands through international and local markets, with sounds cultivated and inspired by this increasingly influential region. With unique artists at the helm of Arabic hip hop, Arabic pop, and various sub-genres of electronic music, MDLBEAST Publishing is forging a pathway to the discovery of Middle Eastern & North African sounds.

On the creative side, MDLBEAST already offers creativity solutions to support and guide creators. MDLBEAST writing and production camps (in partnership with established industry names) have benefited 20 artists to date, including some of the kingdom’s highest-profile electronic music artists such as Cosmicat, Jeme, Vigion, LeSad, Malkin, Emad and Dish Dash. This programme will be expanded in 2024, with several camps already scheduled, taking advantage of the new studio complex within Beast House.

Individual coaching and workshop sessions will be provided to increase awareness of music publishing best practice tactics and skills, such as encouraging writers to join intellectual property rights organizations, generally termed Performance Rights Organizations (PROs).      

It’s worth mentioning that MDLBEAST has successfully supported numerous activities and events in the music sector, especially electronic dance music, Arabic hip-hop, and commercial pop in both English and Arabic, as well as other electronic music genres. Currently, MDLBEAST owns a leading group of brands in the music entertainment sector, such as MDLBEAST Records, WTR, Mahool, Gabu, and MaestroLAB. This provides a unique edge, enabling the company to create an integrated platform for recordings and publishing.

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