Doc Brown: Authenticity Is The Key!

Doc Brown stands out as a dynamic force within the electronic music scene, marking his presence with an undeniably passionate approach to music production and DJing, while his label, Unlearn Records, has established itself as a key component of the underground club scene. His productions, deeply rooted in the underground yet appealing to a broad audience, showcase a unique sound that has gained international attention.

Doc Brown
Source: Press Kit Doc Brown

Interview with Doc Brown

Doc, you’ve been in the electronic music scene for quite some time. Can you share what initially inspired you to pursue music production and DJing? What artists or events had a significant impact on your early career?

One of the first projects I ever worked on was the release of the movie ‘Scratch’, which was about the birth of DJing from hip-hop to scratching thru turntablism, digging for records & making beats. It had an all-star cast including Mix Master Mike, Qbert, Z-Trip, Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow. Inspired, I used one of my very first paychecks to buy two 1200s & a PMC-07pro battle mixer. With a previous background in more improvisational music, I thought a lot of the DMC-type stuff was performed on the fly, but quickly realized it was much more heavily practiced like a gymnastic routine; the spontaneous nature of blending club records over long periods of time ended up being much more appealing to me in the end. I would spend hours digging through breakbeat & drum & bass records at the local record shops on Miami Beach & spend many more paychecks collecting records from producers like DJ Icey, Tony Faline, Huda Hudia & those spaced-out acid sounds with big funky drums is still a big influence on my music today.

Your tracks are known for their dynamic, bassline-driven sound. For example, your newest “Release“ is a ridiculously chewy slice of ghetto tech house backed up with a remix from LA’s Point Set. How did you develop this signature style?

To be honest, I don’t think much about style when I’m making music, but one of the greatest compliments I feel I get is when someone says I have a “sound”. Since it’s not conscious, it’s a bit hard for me to put my finger on —but I think when artists seem to have a cohesive catalog it’s due to being authentic with themselves & the decisions they’re making. Picking sounds & grooves that resonate with you is important; if you chase a particular style not only does the music end up sounding somewhat hollow, but no one also ever knows what to expect from you because you’re constantly changing to appease other people. Authenticity is key!

Could you elaborate on the philosophy behind Unlearn: Records?

I think, as a label, it’s important to invest in the success of your artists. I’ve been fortunate enough to release on a number of great labels & have had a variety of experiences, so I’ve tried to take the best of those experiences & distill them down to make Unlearn:Records an artist-friendly community of producers & DJs. It’s a bit unsettling that most artists feel as though labels mostly take advantage of them, but by simply focusing on being a good partner to the producers we sign we’ve been able to position ourselves nicely in the minds of the dance music community.

What are some of the most memorable moments of your career so far? Was it your residency at Groove Cruise or performances at major festivals like BPM and EDC?

While I’ve been fortunate to play at some super cool events, and some of those bigger stages have been incredible experiences, I think some of my favorite moments have come more recently throwing the Unlearn:Records showcases. All of the events so far have drawn rave reviews from artists, fans & the venues themselves, and being able to put on up-and-coming artists & expose them to new people is a special feeling that feels a bit bigger than the individual accomplishments.

Your music has received support from a broad spectrum of artists. Are there any artists or producers you are keen to work with in the future?

When it comes to producers whose output consistently ranks near the top for me, Nicole Moudaber & Paco Osuna are two that always seem to be front of mind. Both their labels—Mood & Mindshake—are ones I’d love to eventually have releases on since every release on both is always of the highest quality. They are both also outstanding producers & DJs in their own right, so any opportunity to work with either in any capacity would be incredible.

Can you give us a sneak peek into any upcoming projects or releases? What can fans expect from Doc Brown and Unlearn:Records in the near future?

On the label side, the release schedule is pretty much locked up for the rest of 2024, which is pretty exciting. We’re adding some major well-tenured artists to the roster this year, including Saeed Younan & Gettoblaster, as well as welcoming back-label favorites & fast-rising acts like Basura Boyz, Casmalia, K-Mack & Mitch Dodge. All in all, the quality of music just continues to rise & we’re releasing more music than ever, so I can’t wait to see how it all continues to unfold! Personally, I have some big tunes coming out this year on great labels like Rawthentic & Farris Wheel and plan to continue to push live events throughout North America & beyond with the Unlearn:Records brand. I definitely will be keeping quite busy!

What impact do you hope to leave on the electronic music community? How do you want to be remembered in this dynamic industry?

In the end, if people think I’ve helped them I couldn’t ask for much more. Music has given me so much in my life that I feel I somehow owe something back to it and helping artists who otherwise may have gone unnoticed make contributions to the scene as a whole is definitely one way to do that. Spreading the word through interviews like this is certainly helpful in accomplishing those goals as well! I really appreciate you having me on!!

Doc Brown
Source: Press Kit Doc Brown

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