Anyma’s long-awaited album “GENESYS II” is finally out!

    Today March 29th., Anyma, the electronic music visionary also known as Matteo Milleri from Tale Of Us and co-founder of Afterlife Records, releases his long-awaited second album Genesys II, on Afterlife/Interscope Records.

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    After the success of his first album Genesys, Anyma delves further into his favorite topics in his new release “Genesys II”. This album is a musical journey with 21 tracks that beautifully combine Anyma’s melodies with top-notch production.

    In the first half of the album, you’ll find 10 fresh and innovative tracks that push the boundaries of different genres. These tracks feature exciting collaborations with PARISI, Chris Avantgarde, Rebūke, Karin Park, and Delilah Montagu. You can also look forward to the previously released singles “Pictures Of You” and the electrifying “Higher Power” featuring Argy. As you move into the second half of the album, you’ll be taken on a captivating journey with remixes from renowned artists like Eric Prydz, Kölsch, Amelie Lens, and Daniel Avery. They bring their own unique styles, adding even more depth and diversity to the album. One remix that has been highly anticipated is the expertly crafted version of Anyma’s “Welcome To The Opera” featuring Grimes, which is skillfully handled by Berlin’s rising DJ, Kobosil. Additionally, artists from the Afterlife family, including Adriatique, Cassian, and Kevin de Vries, have also contributed their remixes to the album.

    Anyma – Genesys II Tracklist:

    Disc 1

    01. Anyma, PARISI – Sacrifice
    02. Anyma – Now Or Never
    03. Anyma – The Light
    04. Anyma, Chris Avantgarde – Simulation
    05. Anyma – Pictures Of You
    06. Anyma, Argy, MAGNUS – Higher Power
    07. Anyma – F.T.L.
    08. Anyma, Rebuke, Karin Park – Hear Me Now
    09. Anyma – Exodus
    10. Anyma – After Love (feat. Delilah Montagu)

    Disc 2

    01. Anyma, Chris Avantgarde – Eternity (Massano Remix)
    02. Anyma – Pictures Of You (Cassian Remix)
    03. Anyma, CamelPhat – The Sign (Kevin de Vries Remix)
    04. Anyma, Grimes – Welcome To The Opera (Adriatique Remix)
    05. Anyma, Rebūke – Syren (Adam Sellouk Remix)
    06. Anyma, Cassian, Poppy Baskcomb – Save Me (Goom Gum & Stylo Remix)
    07. Anyma, Chris Avantgarde – Consciousness (Eric Prydz Remix)
    08. Anyma, Cassian, Poppy Baskcomb – Save Me (Kölsch Remix)
    09. Anyma, Rebūke – Syren (Amelie Lens Remix)
    10. Anyma, Grimes -Welcome To The Opera (Kobosil 44 Symbiont Mix)
    11. Anyma – Explore Your Future (Daniel Avery Remix)

    Anyma Genesys II

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